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Adventure Island - 3ml Sample

Adventure Island - 3ml Sample

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Inspired by Royal Crown Sea Island.

After taking the fragrance world by storm, Royal Crown has blessed the industry with its bejeweled bottles and enchanting aromas. Followers of our brand are privy to our fondness for Celebration, but another masterpiece has pulled at our heartstrings. Perhaps one of the most complex fragrances we have ever dissected, Sea Island is a cocktail of over 100 essences that produce an enigmatic and intricate marriage of notes that capture the vast wonder of Davy Jones's locker. After its discontinuation in 2017, collectors scavenged the deep web for remains of the prized blend. Like the sea after which the fragrance is named, the brand gave, and it took away. Luckily, navigators have settled on poignant land with our recreation of this mythical scent, which we have decided to call Adventure Island. Oceanic notes like kelp and algae absolute take you on an olfactory voyage while the brightness of mint echoes the virility of the ocean waves. Ylang-ylang enshrouds the composition in exotic mystery before Mysore sandalwood reminds the wearer of the luxuriousness of the creation. Forget your notion of the typical aquatics. Sink yourself into the nautical splendor that is Adventure Island.


NOTES: Mint, Bergamot, Kelp Oil, Rosemary, Ylang-Ylang, Algae Absolute, Mysore Sandalwood, and Patchouli.