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Desire II - 3ml Sample

Desire II - 3ml Sample

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Inspired by Xerjoff Cruz Del Sur II.

Desire I by Dua Fragrances introduced us to the mystery and magnetism of the Amazon. The second installment in the series provides us with a more intimate look at the wealth of the land. Desire II is a marriage of exotic fruit notes that tantalize the wearer with their succulent aromas. Ripe mango flesh and juicy pineapple allude to the gustatory treasures of the tropics, and an exotic floral bouquet accord imparts the wearer with a rich mental image of the bountiful vegetation that permeates the land. Cedarwood provides the sophistication and musk provides the class. Rejoice in this holy-grail, fruit scent that is beyond compare!


NOTES: Ripe Mango Flesh, Pineapple, Apple Blossom, Tropical Guava, Violet Leaf, Exotic Floral Bouquet, Black Currant, Vetiver, Dried Fruits, Musk, and Cedarwood.