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Dolce Vita - 3ml Sample

Dolce Vita - 3ml Sample

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Inspired by Profumum Roma Dulcis in Fundo.

Dolce Vita is without a shadow of a doubt the absolute most concentrated and commanding citrus gourmand composition you'll ever put your nose on! A stellar combination of the finest citrus Sicilian fruits combined with the most delectable vanilla extrait for a fusion of deliciousness that will envelop your body like a velvet blanket of goodness and have those around you literally salivating. Bright, creamy orange, delectable citruses up top over potent, succulent, zesty luxurious vanilla gourmand paradise. This simple, yet striking blend is unabashedly gourmand, unapologetically decadent, and undoubtedly irresistible!


NOTES: Sicilian Citruses Fruit Mélange with Vanilla Extrait.