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Omen - 3ml Sample

Omen - 3ml Sample

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If you love Xerjoff Uden, you may also love Omen!

TOP NOTES: Grapefruit and Amalfi Lemon.

MID NOTES: Guaiac Wood, Rum, Damask Rose, and Mysore Sandalwood.

BASE NOTES: Dark Roast Arabica Coffee, Vanilla Absolute, Musk, and Ambergris.

This composition opens up incredibly inspiring with a vivacious citrus accord and a semi-floral and ambery essence, soft and sensual, the result is a remarkable blend of exotic Guaiac wood and Rum absolute, meticulously orchestrated in a creamy base of Arabian dark roast coffee, Mysore sandalwood and vanilla absolute. OMEN is irresistible elegance, charming and seductive. A palette that radiates a smooth aura, creating a completely alluring scent experience.