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Paradise Sunrise - 3ml Sample

Paradise Sunrise - 3ml Sample

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Inspired by Amouage Beach Hut Man.

Dua introduces another phenomenal inspired expression of a powerhouse modern scent from the extraordinary niche house of Oman, Amouage. Paradise Sunrise is undoubtedly a scent that's full of character and presence. The composition is green, woodsy, extremely aromatic, and powerful. This extrait de parfum will last all day and then some. Embark on a fantastic olfactive journey of pure pleasure and emotions with this exhilarating fragrance. A sublime experience that takes a back seat to no other. Experience the mesmerizing sensation and create memories with this inspiring new offering. Enlightenment is only a spray away, what are you waiting for?


TOP NOTES: Mint, Orange Blossom, and Galbanum.

MID NOTES: Vetiver, Moss, and Ivy.

BASE NOTES: Myrrh, Patchouli, and Dry Woods.