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Satin Midnight - 3ml Sample

Satin Midnight - 3ml Sample

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For most of our endeavors, our inspired expressions materialize with nery an issue. However, the naturals used in Oud Satin Mood force us to rely heavily upon our raw materials supplier in order to produce the closest iteration on the market. Full-of-life rose leaves its mark upon the scent. Moments later, enticing resins take center stage for a splendid performance that leaves the crowd chanting for an encore. Violet weaves itself seamlessly with the rose to produce a fresh, contemporary, and exotic floral aroma that makes this fragrance chemistry modern yet classic. Only a celebrity perfumer like Francis Kurkdjian possesses the talent necessary to awaken this earthly and floral blend of ingredients. The fragrance's namesake creates cohesion among the others in the collection to establish a desired base that breathes life into the creation. With our limited production, we encourage you to add this one to your collection. Only 100 bottles have been made available for purchase, and we're sure that they will move quickly. Our blend is called Satin Midnight, and we challenge you to spot the differences.


NOTES: Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, Benzoin, Vanilla, Oud, and Violet.